Help us test filters in Discover on iOS & Android 🎚

Right after timeframes in the Portfolio tab, there’s another feature update on the way for the iOS & Android apps #parity

Register to test filtering the Discover list on this form :point_down:


Would love to help test :slight_smile: Have signed up.

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Same :slight_smile: excited to see what the team has been up to!

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Ditto! I am game! :+1:t2:

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When I first visit the Discovery tab, I can briefly see them, but then the filters disappear. If I’m quick though, it does look like I can turn the filters on, but then I can remove them as the filters have all disappeared!

Cannot see them on mine, i filled the form in.

You’ll get an in-app message if/when selected :innocent:


If you registered to take part in the testing, you’ll now see the filters in the app :smile:

If you don’t, please message our customer support team - a few people submitted email addresses that weren’t linked a to Freetrade account..

We’ll send out messages to the testers soon too.


Thanks for all of your feedback so far, if you have any more, please share it here: Filters in Discover are now available for everyone 🎚