New stocks!

Keep an eye on this post today: Stock additions 🤳


(I’ll update this thread too if there’s any news)


@alex.s that url needs an edit to detach the wink from it :slight_smile:

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Not sure, maybe Freetrade universe gets lucky today :slight_smile: I’ve held them for years in my main account. Forget the dividend, thats nice but, the operating margin they have is insane. Something nice about knowing that Russian Oligarchs are looking after my money :slight_smile:

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Maybe Monday instead :crossed_fingers:

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Nice. I live In hope for purp :grinning:


We got there :smile:


More stock additions today :tada:

You might know Restaurant Group as the owners of Wagamama, Galliford Try are a construction company and Draper Espirit are a venture capital firm who’ve invested in companies like Crowdcube, Transferwise & Revolut :eyes:


Hi Alex, the ticker code for The Restaurant Group doesn’t look correct. Shouldn’t it be RTN rather than DOM?

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Yeah, DOM is Domino’s

Thanks, we’ve fixed that now :raised_hands: It might take a little while to sync into the app but you’ll definitely see the correct ticker for them by the end of the day.

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Any more US stocks in the pipeline?

Here’s our plans for adding US stocks -

What metrics are you using to determine stock additions? Searches in the app? % of retail investors vs institutions? Volume?

Because none were highly rated in the requests forum.

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Your new editions aren’t showing and pricing detail at all and cannot be purchased. Them damn bugs!

They are for me and I’ve queued one for 4pm. Kill the app and see if they show then

They’re available to buy for me so could you please send us a message in the app and we’ll look into what’s going wrong for you there.

Must just have been a delay getting data. It’s all good now :grinning::+1:t3:

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Would have loved to have bought into Beyond Meat :cut_of_meat: after their first growth report since being floated. Shares are up +30% :joy:

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Yeah, I’m thinking it’s too late now until they pull back a bit

I was waiting for Draper Espirit (GROW) and RTN since long. Good to see that these are available now but need to wait until there come down a little bit on same level as I was planning to buy.