New tax year market effect

I’m pretty darn new to investing, and tbh thoughtful saving overall.
With the new tax year less than a week away I’ve done my research to plan for any changes in allowances, deductions and all this and that.
I’m also aware it’s a big time for HMRC to perform corrections to end of year calculations etc.

I’m by no means a big investor but no doubt many are doing the same, including businesses and large investment portfolios.

I wondered if those with more experience / knowledge have noticed shifts in market behaviour as a result of this?
Maybe by some happy economic religious hybrid the bank holidays balance any shifts that could occur?

The above is probably not so much about things like “the January effect” but closer to announcement in march from the chancellor of the exchequer

Not really. Any market patterns like that become negligible as more people know about it. There might be more volatility with increased volumes but still nothing you can predict and take advantage of.