I understand that stops are on the road map - anyone know when we can expect them.

The same time I opened this account I set up a 212 account and having the stops makes all the difference on small trades - I’ve never used them in my HL but they are proving great in these markets.

Anyone else shocked at the FTSE !! I reckon we can expect all the fun of March come October/November time again.

Interesting that you talk about October! It’s quite strange that the ‘big’ crashes happened in October. The global financial crises occurred in September 2008 too which wasn’t far off. Coincidence or is there something to it? Who knows!!

I only mention October and November because I think that is when the ramifications of COVID will start to be felt and a second wave if you believe that.

Job losses, reduced earnings etc etc.

Recessions don’t happen over night - we have not seen one BIG firm go pop …yet.

Economic outlook just does not look rosey to me.

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Yeah I agree with you in thinking that there will be a second wave later on this year and that’s when shit will hit the fan.

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