So what has exactly happened in the world?

Good morning. I am Mike and I am new to FT since December.

My first post here and I am a complete newbie to this exciting world!

I understand alot of my etfs and a pretty hefty investment in itm power lost a remarkable amount the day after I invested this week.

Although pretty frightening as I thought I did my research, I understand there are a lot of issues in the world right now, however, whilst I am still trying to decifer and learn all the acronyms I see on the forum and across the world, could somebody please explain in simple form what has actually happened to create this ‘mini crash’.

Many thanks, take care.

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Most of my portfolio dropped down over the past week as well, losing 5% or so overall. The FTSE seems to have dropped as well. Not sure why but I’m sure they’ll go back up again as I believe in most of my choices, and will look to buy more when the markets open. Just hoping they go back up before my wife notices ive stopped mentioning how well my shares have been doing/that I clearly know what I’m doing.


Welcome Mick!

I remember the time I signed up for the Freetrade waiting list around the end of 2018 there was a ‘mini crash’ and I seriously considered whether I was making the right choice. Fast forward two years or so and I have to say I’m learning things every day and I don’t think there really is an end point - it’s just a journey. I’m really enjoying it now, although at the time I was a bit skeptical.

The articles put out by FT are really useful for specific events that happen within the week and really readable. They’ve helped me to get a bit of an insight to some big events going on - would highly recommend!

As for the dip in a few of my investments I’m just treating it as a buying opportunity. Just as though my favourite stocks are on sale. Worth always going over fundamentals to see if they’re still aligned to you’re interests though!


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