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Please could any body tell me if shares and stocks buffer in the discovery tab when you try to search them as I can’t get that many up.

I’m not sure I can help without knowing more about what you are actually seeing in your app. However, once you are on the ‘discover’ page, have you tried: (1) swiping sideways on each of the lists of stocks that is shown under the headings like ‘newly added’, ‘Female CEOs’, ‘Green energy’, and so on; (2) scrolling down to the very bottom of the screen, where there is a ‘see all’ button that you can click; or (3) clicking the magnifying-glass icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, which then lets you type in a name of a company or stock ticker to find it?

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It seems to be working OK today it must be because it’s a new account.
Thanks for trying to help I really appreciate it as I don’t know how a lot of this works.
Have a nice day.


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