Newbie question (moving shares from GIA to ISA)


Is there any way for me to transfer the portfolio I have in my GIA on freetrade into my ISA on freetrade?

Additionally, if me and my husband both use free trade is there a way for us to consolidate our portfolios into one on freetrade?

Excuse my ignorance. Grateful for any guidance!

Currently this is not possible with FT. You would need to sell of all your GIA stocks and rebuy them on the ISA.

Both of you and your partner under UK ISA rules can open your own ISA accounts but cannot be combined if that’s what you are asking.

I don’t believe this is a Freetrade issue; the UK government would be :banana: crazy if they let anyone do this. “Oh, look that stock is doing really well! Let’s just remove my tax obligations entirely.”

Apologies for the sarcasm, but I think almost everyone who could bypass capital gains tax by easily transferring their profitable shares to a S&S ISA from a GIA would do so. As mentioned, you can sell all your GIA instruments and then buy them again in your ISA. You can ask Freetrade to transfer the money for you, rather than withdraw it yourself and deposit it again. This is a manual process and would probably ordinarily take as long as it would for you to withdraw, receive the money and then deposit again. Right now though, customer service is busier than usual so I’d suggest you do it yourself.

You’re correct. Apart from I think a very tiny handful of exceptions (that do not apply here at all) you cannot transfer shares into an ISA. You can only deposit GBP into an ISA

As others have said, you will have ‘manually’ sell your stocks, deposit the money into the ISA, and then buy the stocks you want inside the ISA. Some brokers offer a service called ‘Bed & ISA’, whereby they will do the sell-and-buy-again work for you, but you still have to make sure the value of the stocks that go into the ISA is within your annual contribution limit.

You can read more about this if you want at: