Newbie question - transferability of shares

Hello there,

I am brand new to investments in stock and before committing money and time, I wanted to reach out to community to get some reassurance if I should be worried at all about such scenario as:

buying stock (non-fractional) and then losing access to the app after leaving the investment in…
If in 2-3 years time I wanted to sell what I bought will I have to use Freetrade platform or am I able to use any other platform. Don’t get me wrong, I think Freetrade is pretty cool, I am just exploring the option of transferability so that I can take my shares with me and have a confirmation outside of Freetrade platform that I own them.

Appreciate any feedback on this matter.


Your stocks are held in a nominee account similar to other brokers so you will need to use Freetrade platform to sell your shares.