Hi . New to freetrade. Looking for tips for trading. What to look for and possible trends

Welcome to the forum :wave: The best thing to do is browse the site for a bit and get a varied range of views and then only you can make the choice that is best for you. A good start is to add little and begin with ETFs. The link below is very handy for new members and one about ETFs.

Ask your beginners questions here :hatching_chick: - First Time Investing :hatching_chick: - Freetrade Community

Passive Investors - What’s your reason for not putting all your funds into an All-World ETF? - First Time Investing :hatching_chick: - Freetrade Community

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Be an active member of the forum, read lots and engage with others and your knowledge of investing will increase!


If I had to give any advice it’s do your homework on companies. It’s spectacularly easy to get caught up in hype over a company and then get burned when the bubble around it bursts.

Check multiple sources and also watch out for the timing of when early investors can bail out - DARK Trace is a great recent example of what can happen to a share price. I should know - its cost me a few K.

We live and learn - sometimes the only way to learn is to make mistakes.

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