NEX Exchange

I haven’t heard the NEX exchange discussed much, how interesting would it be to have access to?

Haven’t really given it much thought but the ones listed would be a welcome addition I think. More illiquid I’m sure but all part of a diversified investment strategy :wink: I’d be interested.

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This makes me wonder

AME-Brochure.pdf (152.0 KB)

The latency on the network looks great though, wish I knew something

about the companies floated on it?

Adam, I think I asked this question on NEX way back when, and though I appreciate it’s relatively niche and higher risk, it would be ace to provide access. ShepNeame and Chapel Down all interesting small cap UK opportunities quoted on NEX…

Chapel Down jumped out at me too.

The climate is changing and English wine will be a thing.

Adam, variation on a theme: AIM listed Gusbourne PLC, plays at the luxury end of English sparkling. It would be great to add this to the universe.

The French houses have been buying up acreage in Kent and Sussex for a few years now in a sign of how seriously they’re taking this competition as well as the threat of climate change, as the Champagne region becomes impacted. On the proviso that they can reach adequate scale, and you throw in the quality of these wines and the uncertainty of brexit, I think these present a formidable challenge to dominance some of the established French producers, also making them prime acquisition targets.

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