Next Crypto Exchange to File for Bankruptcy Vegas Odds

I bet for CoinBase and Binance. Difficult to know the next ones.

Anything to back your statement up? Bit of a pointless post unless you add some detail?


There’s no evidence to suggest that either of these two exchanges are in trouble.

For example, Coinbase holds customer’s assets 1:1 ratio. The company is listed and is heavily auited and quite liquid, holding its own assets in USD with over $5 billion.

It also has the ability to raise additional funds if need be, through issuing more shares.

Sure they’ve been hammered some what but for them going under, I don’t so and I think the same for Binance.

Profits and share prices will no doubt be inextricably linked to bitcoins price so who knows which way that will go next year

I’m bullish on this but in reality this could be anywhere between £0 to £100k.

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