No Daily graph for £SGLN [Fixed]

I have no Daily graph for £SGLN and it’s showing 0.00% (£0.00) Today. I’ve closed and logged back into the app a couple of times - all other graphs are fine for this and all other buys.

Anyone else or is this a known issue with the app?


Daily graphs on £SGLN isn’t showing on mine too. I just checked yahoo finance and the daily graph isn’t available on there either. Must be something further down the line.

Thanks for checking your app and yahoo.
At least I know it isn’t the app broken :grin:

If you’re interested, I found a live chart on which was last updated 09/06 at 14:03

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LSE (delayed price) here

£26.47 as at 14.28

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Thanks to both. The graph came back at close of play :grin:

At 08:25 it’s blank again in FT and also LSE



Is there a reason why LSE and FT have nothing in the daily chart but ii is okay?

Purchases still work - Price I got was £26.32 just now (12.41pm ish)

Much safer gold ETF is Royal Mint Physical Gold - RMAP. You can get it delivered in coins and bars as well

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I have physical too but wanted to sell some sgln. I have no idea what price I’d get as the data is 2 days old when attempting to sell :frowning:

I have raised this with FT support and they are working on it. Given the FT data isn’t live anyway (even when working) you’d get a better idea of the spread from a live data source, if you can find one.

I can see the ‘live’ delayed price using other means but what I don’t know is if I were to sell now would I get the price from 2 days ago or the price from today? If I attempt to sell today a ‘warning’ appears telling me that price being shown is from 8th June but it doesn’t say if I get that price or today’s price.

You will get the actual price in the market.

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Thanks for the info Jon. It would be great if FT added that to the notification :slight_smile:

Very good suggestion. I hope that with the future addition of a confirmation screen showing the spread this issue will be less common. As some other sources using Google are affected, I wonder if the data issue is Google-related (just speculation on my part).

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LSE is affected too with daily data being blank and their 7 day chart ends on 8th

Still not updated today


At the close yesterday I had 3 different dates - one for 7D, one for 1M and one 1Y although today 7D, 1M, 1Y and Max all show yesterdays date.

It would be more than useful to see 1D though and for the warning when selling to be changed so you know you’re getting the latest price even though you have no idea what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any updates on this?

The price seems correct on the end of the week/month/year graphs but it’s not on the 1day or pulling through into portfolio value

I noticed this as well, FT was getting SGLN prices from 2 days ago, I had to jump onto Trading 212 to get the real time price (nobody wants to trade blind, right?).
I notice there is a big delay or no information sometimes for daily chart movement.