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I imagine this is why it is down today. This seems a very risky bet to me which is losing money and may well go to zero.

Wow these are dying :joy:

Interesting about the pe ratio on this

Why are updates on prices so slow, just checked my investment at 14:45, it was last updated at 10:00

That was the last trade time…


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Another day another 3 hours delay in updated why?

I think @pawn gave you the answer before and I would take that answer as a clue for what is happening. This is not a frequently traded share. Here is a screenshot, from the London Stock Exchange, of the last five recorded transactions:

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 15.48.20

Look at how infrequently the share is bought/sold and how low the trade values are.
Because it is infrequently traded the price will not update that often.

If you want to see this type of information go to the exchange listing


Thanks for the info

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Be careful with this stock @Okumamac it has a tiny market cap, wide spread and sporadic volume. This isn’t a stock for people who aren’t well versed in the ways of the market.



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