Novacyt 🧪 - NCYT

Producing coronavirus test kits. Stock up 150% today!

The movement on this, up and down has been insane. I’d need to so some serious research to feel comfortable buying in

Up another 55% today.

Please add this asap

Please add this ASAP :fire: :fire: :fire:

Did anyone jump in on this? Up 80% today!

Suspect it’d be too late by the time the stock gets enabled. Insane price movements seem driven by corona test kits, and the epidemic will settle down in the near future, after which it’s hard to see such gains materialise again.

Yeah, I wouldn’t go in now. I could, because the french listing is available on Degiro. The price is entirely FOMO. How does anyone know how much they can supply?

Similar to Kawamoto - Stock of the month - January 2020 - #14 by Han

Novacyt #NCYT +77.78%…

Corona virus test kit suppliers. In the news a lot this past few weeks so I’m sure you have all seen.

Mainly so there is one green If the corona spread gets worse! :man_shrugging::mask:

I think this company would be a good addition, shares are on the up at the minute, I would imagine that this will continue during these Coronavirus times. Company also founded and based in the UK.:slightly_smiling_face:

Technically “founded” in France :stuck_out_tongue:. But they have been making coronavirus test kits for at least 2 months now. Over £8.7m in sales

Shocking this was not added :frowning::frowning::frowning:

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Novacyt please!

Welcome to the forum, @Hidayet93, and thanks for the request!

bump this too!

Me too! The choice of shares on this app is really hard to overlook, as much as I want to love it. :frowning:

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Bump, this is one of the most important companies this year, needs to be one freetrade ASAP. Can’t migrate from interactive investor until this is on


This has aged so well, the boat has been missed on this one :joy:

In recent weeks, emotions around Novacyt have heated up. Well-known and respected private investor Leon Boros (@Boros10) posted a tweet suggesting that Novacyt’s share price was looking “overheated”. He stated that he was still holding but had much reduced his position.

The reaction to this single tweet was a lot of anger and denial, which suggested lots of emotion in the stock price.

Have we missed the boat?