Novacyt 🧪 - NCYT

I feel there is still a decent amount of growth in this company. It’s Covid related work has created a good buzz around the company which will hopefully bring investment and expansion.

More importantly I think it could well be a company that gets brought out by one of the big players who would have the financial resources to take the work to the next level.

there is certainly a lot of emotion around novacyt, personally, as someone who requested this stock be added back in january, i do not believe their current contracts and sales warrant today’s valuation, and even if their contracts doubled again i don’t reach the current valuation. Additional concern is that governments will move away from PCR to more novel rapid testing solutions - novacyt have a rapid POC solution, but so do heaps of other companies. It’s worth remembering that while the market may think oh there are only a handful of other listed companies offering testing solutions, there are even more private companies also offering competing services. Just because you can’t invest in them doesn’t mean they don’t eat up market share. I sold at £7 and am staying out unless the price corrects a lot, but that seems unlikely in the short term given the numbers of uber fans.


Cheers James! This was a highly insightful comment.

Meanwhile the directors seems bullish. Do you have any thoughts on this development?

Ultimately, I think I’ll wait and monitor the situation for a few weeks before I decide.

Link from the app is broken.

This company is still making bank from all the covid testing that’s going on.

New C-19 variants, heading into winter
New European lockdowns

NCYT up like 50% in recent weeks, still way low compared to earlier in the year before contract failure

Do we think NCYT/Testing stocks are going to make a comeback over winter?

Private Eye article about Novayct :eyes:

£134.6m DHSC claim :see_no_evil: