Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough 🔌

Is this where our renewable energy stocks, coal, gas and oil begin to plummet?

The experiments produced 59 megajoules of energy over five seconds (11 megawatts of power).

It’s not a massive energy output - only enough to boil about 60 kettles’ worth of water.

Can any physicists/electricians here confirm that?

I think it is about right.

59 million joules is 16.38 KWh

Say it takes about .2KWh to boil a kettle (depending what heating element is in it) that would be 82.9 kettles.

The reactor takes an awful lot more than that to run though - about 700-800 MW so there is a little way to go yet!

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There’s been a bunch of milestones in the US last year as well. But there’s still more energy put into the system than comes out, so we’re surely years away at best, if it ever will become possible.

So, I wouldn’t make any stock market adjustments based on this. :slight_smile:

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I think I agree. It has taken them 24 years to more than double the energy output. It’s not just politics slowing things down. Only being able to fire these things up during low energy consumption periods isn’t really helped while in an energy crises!

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