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Ive only just joined the chats. Yeah just like the robinhood app i’m sure. Ive been on freetrade a few months. Its okay.

Just had a confirmation it will be today but no time. Ive been waiting to buy at the split.

This is because Freetrade has to recalculate all the fractional shares.

I noticed during Apples split that some platforms only adjusted whole shares and automatically sold off fractional shares. I had an email from Freetrade in June stating that they will recalculate fractional shares so that’s good for the smaller investor.

Freetrade isn’t a broker it’s a service. I believe they only deal with fractional shares under the hood. Is this correct?
I am sure I read it somewhere .

No it isn’t correct. FT is a broker.

Even if FT is showing the incorrect price following the split it doesn’t change the amount or value of your shares.

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Thanks Mike

I got the updated stock I own, also brought a couple of the newly valued shares. Now I just wait.

Yes. I just bought a few. Time to wait

What’s the joke?
None of the big players have updated their prices either

IG updated it before they went live at 2:30…

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So how is it a joke? As I said it doesn’t change the value or quantity of your holding…

It’s often done to encourage investors to buy shares thus increase demand and value. It may take a couple of days to weeks also there are earnings in August should show growth. Nvidia is probably going to overtake Intel in the Dow. Freetrade isn’t a day trading platform anyway and this takes time.

“ But perhaps the stock is trading at levels so far above other stocks in its sector that it has become less attractive to investors. By lowering the share price and increasing available shares, the company can make it more attractive and accessible to improve investor relations. A company may also choose to issue a reverse split to soak up outstanding shares and increase the price per share. Both methods can be used to keep a share price within a certain range to encourage specific investor participation at various stages of the business life cycle. Stock splits also tend not to drastically impact each shareholder of record.

Another reason that a company may choose to issue a stock split is to increase the liquidity of its stock. Liquidity is a measure of how quickly shares can be bought or sold in the market without causing the stock price to increase significantly. This is reflected by what traders of stock certificates are willing to pay for shares of stock since cash is the standard of liquidity” - 2022 Stock Split Calendar | Upcoming Stock Splits


I couldn’t buy any on free trade when i wanted to as the buy button was blocked out

I missed out on the run up after the split :man_facepalming:t4:

Would you guys recommend getting in now? Or do you expect a dip soon for a better opportunity

A good strategy would be to invest a little with each period of time. So you could, for example, invest £250 every week considering you had £1000. And you wouldn’t necessarily have to follow that logic if a bigger fall happened in the middle of the period, where you could invest more to take advantage.

Right now, I’m out of money to invest here, but I think I’d do it that way.

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If the buy button is greyed out, try reopening the app or restarting your phone. I think sometimes the app doesn’t load properly. Worth a try anyway.

Yes thats kind of the strategy i’m using at the moment. Im getting an income of around £300 a week from my second job. Which is all going into shares.
Im planning on aiming to around 10 shares in 4 tech companies. As an initial investment. Next week ill have my 10 in nvidia. Then onto the next. Mainly a long term investment over a few years is the aim

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Not worried made 18% on Nvidia

Can’t see thig going through at all which is probably good for the market.


I would have expected the Arm takeover to weigh down the share price somewhat, but evidently not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A good time to take some profit though.

Looks like I caught the right time too.

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The FTC have now also weighed in with a suit. I expect separate statements from ARM/Soft Bank & Nvidia by the end of the next week calling this off.

ARM should just be floated, it would make SoftBank a killing.

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