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Nvidia Corporation is an American technology company incorporated in Delaware and based in Santa Clara, California. It designs graphics processing units for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market.

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This stock is looking promising can you add this to the list please :slight_smile: and how long will it normally be ??

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Nvidia’s actually one of the 120 US stocks that we’re planning to launch with, before the end of the year :tada:

There’s some more details here -


And we’ve now launched US stocks which means that Nvidia is included in our Stock Universe :fries:

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topic & share your thoughts about Nvidia’s future with the community :speech_balloon:

A lot competition in the hardware accelerator space for training machine learning models in datacentres (think NVIDIA Tesla cards/GDX/HGX stations etc, Google’s own TPUs, Facebook/Amazon working on own chips, etc), but as an ML coder I find this stuff really exciting (this is literally and figuratively really big):

If you have used a phone/computer even to do a simple search chances are you technically used that kind of tech. It powers our daily habits, even if you go on Snapchat, Financial Times, OkCupid (yup), BBC, …

In comparison, UK also has its own unicorn called Graphcore (go Bristol!) who have opened an office in Palo Alto, CA:


NVIDIA has the lead in data centres but the game is on:

Welcome to the 1960s style space race.


What do people think of this as a buy at its current price?

I already have a position in AMD so don’t want to be over leveraged in semiconductors but Nvidia is a great company and I think semis are one of the great long term plays.

Another financial headline emphasising how companies have to play this quarterly game of pleasing the Wall St analysts, who have this magic ability to predict the future with spreadsheets.

There’s an interesting chart here from Bloomberg. The datacenter business is very lucrative. Also, AI chip makers - such as Graphcore (UK) - are entering the field. Microsoft have just signed a deal with the British unicorn startup. Intel is in the game, as well as several others.

Soource - Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Noone can give you an investment advice (un)fortunately even if you’re taking a punt. Also, nobody - even the most “active” of active investors - can predict the future stock prices, can’t win in that game. There are also many factors here including your investment preferences and horizon. I’d advise to do own homework, since it’s your own portfolio.

Up after hours on an earnings beat. Growth in data centre products.


NVDA is now bigger than Intel by market cap!

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What does everyone think of this?

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Great for Nvidia. But I also read that it would be hard to convince the cartel/competition authorities to allow such market power.

I find it more likely that ARM will just be refloated. It’s just easier, fewer conflicts, keeps it neutral.

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Results on Wednesday.

I’ve took some profits. I was over 200% up

I’m still holding some though.

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Still possible the deal could be shut down by the UK government.

I think they would have done this when Softbank expressed a desire to buy. In addition, Nvidia wants to step up activity in the UK, generating more jobs. But, of course, the government may not allow, expecting some local company to acquire ARM, which I don’t believe will happen. Would you have some link with this information? I didn’t find anything.

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The world today is very different to 2020 and Bojo seems to be far more interventionist in terms of the UK’s long term industrial strategy.

UK government sources seem to be indicating a referral to the CMA is imminent with legally binding commitments to remain in the UK at the minimum.

SoftBank only owned it, they didn’t acquire it with the potential intent to integrate it.

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