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I certainly think there is. I started buying Ocado last year as a value bet. They’re not yet profitable; still a young company, and re-investing all their revenue back into growth and development.
But they are at the cutting edge of grocery logistics and warehouse operations and software; so much so that they are selling their proprietary knowledge to other grocers both at home and abroad.
Even if for whatever reason they don’t succeed as a grocer in their own right, they have carved out enough of a ‘first mover’ advantage to continue successfully selling SaaS to the grocery sector globally.


Maybe it’s because I went on there early this morning, but Ocado seems to be getting better. No queue, delivery slots available one week out, website wasn’t slow.

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same here. I think they invested a lot into tech in recent weeks to cope with the demand, or the initial stockpiling surge has finished

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Pretty sure that must be the case. Didn’t they take the site down other than for amending already-booked order slots in order to work on improving the system to cope with new bookings?

ETA: still no available slots in my area, but :sob:

Does Ocado regularly update with the number of customers or orders per week?

Looks like Ocado is expected to post some high revenue results tomorrow (Q1 results) but strong revenue is very much priced in right now.

Will you guy be selling or you holding this for the long run?

Or even buying it up and you have high hopes for the future? :smiley:


Does this mean share price is going to dive?

Nobody knows anything. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world right now.

I had a couple of shares in Ocado from the before times. M&S deal boosted them, then warehouse fire rebuilding knocked them back. Ended up seeming a little overvalued, if anything.

Come Covid, of all the online supermarkets I tried, Ocado were the worst (for me). Creaky looking site and never, ever, ever any delivery slots available. Made me doubt their ability to scale.

Then they shot right up and up and up, and I felt like a prize chump for missing out on increasing my holdings early. But on the other hand, I still can’t get a delivery slot from them for love or money.

Perhaps the biggest factor may be the unknowable - will people go back to shopping in supermarkets again, or will online delivery keep (most of) its gains? The worst possible case for Ocado would be they invest heavily in growth but people go back to the physical shops instead.

tl;dr, :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:


you still cannot browse ocado website because of unavailable delivery slots. I hope the 1b will be for the good use like the website bandwidth and delivery capacity, so that should be very positive for the share price long term in my view.

Since my first reply, the Guardian have done an article:

If I could only quote one paragraph, it would be this one:

Ocado faced a protest vote from shareholders last month after it gave a large pay rise to directors because of the sales rise, even though extra costs meant it was not more profitable. The company is not forecast to make a profit by analysts until beyond 2024, according to average estimates compiled by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Giving a pay rise despite not being profitable is bad optics :man_facepalming: And being four years off getting there does raise the question of how much is priced in already.

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I remember the first time they broke even, it was on the news and all the high up managers were getting bonuses. They did this by not paying any of it’s staff that week/month. (I worked there at the time)


Might just sell tomorrow :thinking:

I invested at the start of the pandemic and made 70% which I sold on Tuesday.

I’ve left the original amount invested in for now and I’m in two minds about whether that’s a good idea :thinking:

Whats peoples thoughts on OCADO with the Amazon news released that they are broadening their food delivery in the UK? (Looks like city centric but still an impact)

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I’ve held Ocado for a little while now - my 2c is that although the UK retail part of their business will always be tricky to dominate - their biggest strength for me is their technology roll out for other retailers overseas - their Kroger deal in the US for example is working really well and expanding. So I feel personally their warehouse platform is being honed in a very competitive market (UK) but their biggest advantage is distributing that to partners in new markets where they are the infrastructure provider. It’s worth looking into that side of the business too if you are looking at Ocado as an investment.

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I invested in March and made 60-70%, selling my last shares on Tuesday.

I think they are a solid investment long term but I’m happy with my return and want to put the money elsewhere.

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Any price forecasts for 2021?

I’m planing to hold long term, but I do think it may take a few years to see the rewards from partnerships in America, France and Asia.

Some news on this company coming out today

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