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One of my longest held stocks with consistent dividend payments making up for a steady share price decline. However recently dispensed of their retail business and the markets seem like to like it with a 27% rise in the last three months. Even with the recent upward movement and a dividend cut for 2020 the yield is still hovering around 5%. Any thoughts? Still scope for more upward progress?

It’s one I’ve held a long time as well. It did pretty badly for the last couple of years, but I just held on to it for the dividends.

It’s risen a lot since the election, I’m just going to continue holding and reinvesting dividends

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“SSE Plans to Invest Billions in Decarbonization in Next 5 Years”


That’s great news that SSE is still working on its renewable investment plans.

It is going ahead with the Viking wind farm (it will be the UK’s largest onshore wind farm in terms of annual electricity output once complete), which will cost £580m.

It’s also not cutting the dividend, so 80p a share for full year there will be an interim dividend of 24.4p in November.