Open an office outside London

Thought I’d float an idea that was inspired (wrong word:) by the thread on where to hold the next community meet-up.

I think Freetrade should eventually look to create some jobs outside of London and the south East.

Clearly, the company’s going to want a base in what is one of the financial centres of the world. However, I don’t think all the jobs necessarily need to be in London, especially as the company grows.

As an example, Monzo’s customer operations are largely based in Cardiff nowadays. The company was given the best part of £1m by the Welsh Government as an incentive to spread prosperity too.

Anyway, it’s just a thought!

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Afaik Monzo COps are largely remote based, with offices in Las Vegas and Cardiff for office based COps.

As Monzo have over 800 employees now it will be a while before Freetrade get that big

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are you thinking in europe after the expansion, or other places in the UK?

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I think it makes sense on a few levels. Outside the UK’s not a bad shout either as is remote working.

It’s a long way down the line before Freetrade’s big enough, I accept that, but I think it’s worth considering given that some very generous loans and grants are available.

I’d also argue that anything Freetrade can do to promote inclusive growth’s got to be a good thing.

For example, south Wales unfortunately has some of the poorest communities in western Europe and the 300-odd Monzo jobs in Cardiff will make a fair ol’ difference to some of the worst-off in society.


I have no idea how it works staff ratio wise but I assume the amount of COps a bank needs is many times more than a broker?

What would the ideal number be for Freetrade in its projections? Monzo were aiming for a 1:100,000 ratio

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Good point, it may not be quite-so feasible for a broker. Let’s hope Freetrade grows big enough!

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at the moment it’s probably about 1:500/600

What? 20 concurrent COps [with existing customer figures]? I did not even think that anything below 1:20,000 makes sense :flushed:

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An old blog but still relevant. Basically they want to build a product that’s so intuitive customers don’t need to ask how to do something and have the tools in app to solve most problems themselves

The same rationale I presume applies to Freetrade

Also this makes a change from me constantly posting Freetrade blogs on the Monzo forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes, we would like to expand our team and provide opportunities in other locations, but with just a 4 person COps team right now and plenty to build out as we grow, our operations will stay together in Shoreditch for the time being!


Glad to hear it. Who knew the team was quite-so lean? You do a great job considering there’s only four of you!


Would be interested in hearing if there’s plan for a Dublin office in the pipeline. This seems a logical step post-brexit for passporting as well as a cheaper tax rate.

And if you’re hiring I might listen to the offers :rofl:

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