Own the world

Anyone have any suggestions for ETF that best cover the world! VWRL is the easy answer but was interested if anyone had any other suggestions of maybe 5-6 that give good coverage.

Obviously will have to do your own research on any suggestions but always good to get some other ideas to look into! Thanks in advance

Some options:

  • SSAC, tracks the MSCI ACWI, a similar all-world ETF, 0.20%
  • VWRP, accumulating version of VWRL, 0.23%
  • LCWL/SWLD, MSCI developed world, no emerging markets, 0.12%
  • IWDG, MSCI developed world, GBP hedged, 0.30%
  • VEVE, Ftse developed world, 0.12%
  • PRIW, Solactive developed world, 0.05%
  • SPXP, S&P 500 as world proxy, synthetic, 0.05%