Passive investors what's your fave world fund?

And why?

  • VWRL
  • IWDG
  • HMWO
  • VHYL

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VWRP (accumulating), and in the esg space I like the SUSW/SGWS family of etfs.


VWRL was my entry into low cost passive funds so remains my favourite but mainly based on nostalgia

None of these. 2 are distributing, but accumulating is better for building up wealth. One is hedged, which I don’t see a purpose in in the long-run and one is a dividend ETF which generally underperform market cap weighted broad world ETFs.

VWRP would be better or a different All world one.


This is a little like comparing apples and oranges because those ETFs cover different things: all world (including emerging markets), developed world hedged and unhedged, and all-world income.

If I was to start again, I’d probably just go with VEVE, LCWL or SWLD (0.12%) and leave emerging markets to an active fund. It’s worth noting that SSAC is an alternative to VWRL/P – it tracks the MSCI ACWI, it’s marginally cheaper at 0.20% and it’s also a big ol’ ETF at £5bn+.

There are some uber cheap developed world options such as PRIW (0.05%) and LGGG (0.10%) but they’re not as liquid, so the spread can be wider, and they track less mainstream indices.


Why can’t you just switch?

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My portfolio is c20% passive funds.

I have VWRL and VWRP. Started with the latter on the basis it is accumulating, more recent been buying VWRL because I understand the spreads are tighter and it is more transparent for tax purposes (not that it massively matters, I don’t see me hitting any dividend tax thresholds). I reinvest manually.

I also have some VUSA/VUAG, VFEG, ICSU with Freetrade. And some other Vanguard index funds in my HL account.

Edit: I am biased toward to the Vanguard brand so go with them when available. Difference in performance/fees compared with iShares is probably too immaterial to spend time worrying about.

VWRP :muscle:t3::muscle:t3:

I am tempted to sell VFEM and may do eventually but I’m hesitant as it’s a core holding. For now, I’m no longer adding to it and building a position in a trust instead, with the aim of splitting emerging markets coverage 50:50 between passive and active.

I’ve got most in VWRL

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+1 for £SSAC

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I am not going to expand my position in VFEM, that’s for sure