Pagaya Technologies Ltd - PGY - Share chat

This company is a blank check firm looking to acquire businesses in the financial services sector.

One company that’s set to go public in early 2022 is fintech company Pagaya, which has partnered with SPAC EJF Acquisition (NASDAQ:EJFA)

My best performance SPAC, over 500% at moment😂 wish I had more invested but still a nice result!

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What is the target @Big-g ? Why has it shot up?

To be honest buddy not sure. I only noticed it last night as got in the habit of ignoring profile and only adding X amount a month on same companies. Try not to look and overthink things as the whole market is quite bad at the moment but going up quite well last week or so.

I just bet, and yes I consider it my form of gambling, on quite a few SPACs to keep it interesting. Didn’t even realise this one had been sold :slight_smile:

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