Palantir - $PLTR - Share Chat

Probably when WSB get distracted by the ROBLOX IPO


It’s off again :rocket: just hit $20.50 $21!


Up 5% in premarket already :star_struck:

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Hi guys, yeah Palantir is on fire again and loving it :wink:
Any views on the upcoming lock-up period ending 31 Dec? Would price dip significantly or just a blip, post lock-up when insiders are allowed to sell?

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Very happy with this, though i suspect it will drop come December. The number of shares publically traded now is 1/4 or 1/3 of the total.
What’s people’s thoughts on the matter, hold long term and use volatility as a buying opportunity or secure some profits before the lockup ends?


Rocket :rocket: booms!

I bought in Friday and am up 50%… there must be a pullback soon? Then again people have been saying that about NIO for a month now :sweat_smile:

pltr is a long bet, its about to become a software company worth billions and billions and billions and billions

Up another 6% pre market which will take me over 200% return.


Wow, same for me… I just regret I din’t buy loads last month when it was hovering around $9-10

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I just read it will be $10k by 2030 so maybe it doesn’t matter :rocket::rocket::joy:

Me too i only took a small position of 16 shares to start with wish I dumped alot more money into it now.I was planning on averaging in hoping for a dip now.

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It’s definitely overpriced at this level but it’s a long-term buy from me so I’m keeping my IPO shares and adding periodically.


Please elaborate on why you think it is overpriced ‘at this level’

It’s trading at an over $50bn market cap with sub $1 bn revenue.

It’s forecast operating income next year is just over $100m.

Of course it’s growth potential is priced in a bit. But on a standard value assessment it is clearly trading high.


Make no mistake, its being pumped by retail investors and it can give back 100s of %.

I agree.

I still like it as a long term hold. It may even warrant this current value down the line.

Looks like that dip you were after is coming

Yeah citron research gave it a price target of $20 so people jumping out hope it continues :rofl:

Ha I clocked that, I’m expecting PLTR to be another NIO now :laughing:

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