Pending sell trigger not executing

I gave up in the end, cancelled it and executed it manually.

Luckily it was for ARB which YoYoed all day so I managed to get the instant order in at a similar price

We can’t even cancel our sell orders, the app won’t let us because the price was hit so the order is “active”.

Because it’s active we can’t market sell either, so we’re stuck holding shares that have halved in value…

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@crossy1686 Yup same problem here. No one has got me back so far.

Got another message from support today, the best they can do is one reply a day due to sheer demand for support they’re facing. Here were the trouble shooting steps I was given:

  • Turn off wifi and use mobile data on full bars
  • Turn off VPN is applicable
  • Delete and reinstall the app

Tried all these and the issue still remains. Awaiting another reply.


@crossy1686 Thanks. I haven’t had any support contact me today. Tried the steps that you mentioned. Still does not work for me too… depressing as the shares are already below half price. Hope someone will notice this thread soon.

Just jumping in here as I have a triggered limit on TSLA set. As it’s the first time using FT and being well aware of the poor reviews on google play this does make me anxious. It’s not big money but it is MY hard earned money!

Good luck Dan & Bish :+1:t2:


Thanks, can you let us know how it goes for you if it is triggered? Would be interesting to hear the outcome.

Just a thought, there is a community Zoom conference call at 8pm tonight. They’re taking questions, maybe you’ll wanna jump on?

Looks like my TSLA order won’t trigger today, not pulling back enough

I’ll be joining the call.

Hi all, we are aware of an issue and are investigating this.

Will update here when we have more to share.

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Yes, please do. We have been eagerly waiting for some input from Freetrade team.


These are your typical canned responses. Not really helpful. Each and every tech support out there has this response tacked to their station as a go-to in the event of no concrete solution.

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Not sure when you created your order but looking at the chart it doesn’t seem that it was over 62 for a long time, nothing close to those 30min was said. And it didn’t reach 62 again afterwards

Each bar is 1 min

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I don’t think the biggest issue is “why didn’t the order trigger”

He stated he was eagerly watching the price and decided to cancel the order and sell them manually, yet he still cannot cancel the order or sell his shares.

His shares at stuck in limbo and he’s lost money.

Very keen to see what Freetrade do to put this right.

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@Qykeet like @jw123 said the main problem here lies with the order not being cancellable and the shares being withold while the order is active. I can prove that on the same day I had bought the same share in different order sold them while for one specific order I couldn’t cancel it at all and the order still remains uncancellable till today. I did put my sell order at $62 too but I wouldn’t have complained if the could cancel my order and have sold it at around $58- $59.

@sampoullain Hi, is there any update on this issue?

Update: So the engineers had to manually cancel my pending order yesterday after the stock plummted nearly 60%. I have raised a formal complain through customer service and also asked them to provide the reason why this happened since I’m also a software engineer and would like to know the bug. Hopefully the complain team will get back to me soon.

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