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Ok so next bit of hopium, the company is Starlink, the date is April 20 (4:20pm on 4/20 Elon loves 420 a famous weed related number and date) and this is why the date was “out of our control”.

See last post:

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Hmm, I think that’s more bullish for next week rather than 4/20. Imagine a DA & pubs open in the same week :crossed_fingers:

Now that would be a blessing.

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Calm down everyone! It’s NOT going to be Starlink. It’s not going to happen. The very notion of it being Starlink is as bizarre as all the other conversations on here about Gamestop shares reaching £25,000 each :joy: :joy:


Stop digging yourself a hole, @CashCow. You should start looking at getting that Tattoo appointment booked :joy:



Although I’m no expert I did think it would be weird for EM to let in investors and dilute his potential gains :joy:

don’t tell anyone @CashCow but you can always get one these

no one will be able to tell the difference, but you have to keep it to yourself

if you tell anyone I gave you the idea, I’ll deny it


The suggestion from @Raul would be acceptable, we would need a picture though @CashCow or we will litigate, don’t go all Patrick Collison on us when Starlink is announced “no such deal” on the tattoo :rofl:

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Can I just remind you all that I am a cow and that if the worst comes to the worst (it won’t, it’s never going to be Starlink FFS!) then I’ll just hide behind the RSPCA and PETA!!

:cow: Moo.


You may be a cow but that is no problem being branded. Yeo Valley already do it their cows and no complaints :joy: :+1:




Nice. $10b seems to low for PSTH though no?

Burgers… with no cows? Sounds good to me!

Seriously though, this would be great and would fit in with the kind of thing I like to have in my portfolio.


Yeah, it is kinda up Bills alley. Food, high moat, “Tech” but really depends if they have just started exploring or its leaked out now after many months. “Or more” and Beyond Meat at $8.5b and Oatly at $10b seems to suggest that is likely that’s just a floor and they’re looking for something higher.

People have noticed that the article explicitly mentions the dilution to shareholders if they were to SPAC, and how PSTH’s structure is very attractive in that sense. In any case having this as a possibility is good for SPACs.

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Is today our lucky Wednesday?



I feel as though BA would want the headlines and today is all about $COIN. It would have to be a mammoth to be top story today.

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Aye, good point!

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wb1ua6sdzrn61 Every single day :joy: