Personal Funds / Stock Groups

Would be quite interesting for each user to be able to create groups of securities like your own little fund. Then you can deposit money into that fund and it distributes the funds to the underlying stock automatically.

For example, I can create a Healthcare group that consists of self-selected 10 stocks.
When I deposit 1,000£, it buys fraction shares for each stock for 100£.
When I withdraw 1,000£ it also equally sells equity worth of 100£ from each underlying.
(A more advanced function would be to assign a “weight” for each security to provide non-equal distribution)

Then later in the future (maybe), you could also allow the users to share and subscribe to these groups maybe as part of Freetrade Plus plan. So every user could actually become a little mutual fund manager.

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What you’ve essentially described is Trading 212’s Pies feature. :freetrade: staff have previously mentioned working on something they’re at least for now calling Autopilot. It sounds pretty similar. The idea being that you automatically top up regularly and that amount is split into specified percentages of selected instruments. I don’t believe that the feature is a huge priority. Regular top ups are mentioned in the product roadmap. That would need to be an option before such a thing could exist.

If you search the forum for Autopilot - and ignore the stuff related to Tesla - you should find things related to it. Here’s one post from :freetrade: on the subject: AMA: Ask our CEO Adam your questions about our upcoming crowdfunding round 🗣 - #71 by adam