Petrobrasil PBR

Did anyone has news about the dividend?

This is what i got at the moment

Must admit US div stocks are really confusing at the moment. Every platform seems to have conflicting ex dates.
Dividend max actually shows 3 payment dates for the 23rd April ex date which seems odd:

And Stock events show ex date in 3 days time.

If i were to open a position in PBR, whilst banking in the UK, what would be the withholding tax on the dividends?
15% due to the w8ben, but where does the total 76% come from?

Can someone also confirm i have calculated next payment correctly… looks like ex date is 12 June and a total of around £0.30 per share split over 3 payments on 2 dates ( 18 August and 20 Sept) ?

Not sure now, but when i held pbr-a previously, I believe tax was witheld pre - payment and it was a huge chunk ! But yield was around 70+% back then so still had a nice payout.

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If you don’t mind, can you share what the dividend was, and what it would have been if there was no withholding tax?
You don’t have to show real amounts ofc, just a representative example so i can see what the actual difference was.

Was ages ago. No idea how to find that info

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Thank you regardless :blush:

Petrobras sobre pagamento de remuneração aos acionistas.pdf (82.3 KB)

It says that, for the holder of ADR shares on NYSE, the dividend will de paid starting form today 26/05/23, record date was 01/05/23

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Well on yahoo finance people are starting to gettin their dividends paid :blush:, probably we will have to wait few days

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Did anyone already receive it?

No, nothing yet.

@Damon can you help us?, I sent an email but no answer yet

Do you guys have any news?