Pembina Pipeline 🛢 ⛽ - PBA - Stock Discussion

This company operates a network of oil and gas pipelines that take those hydrocarbons to and from western Canada.

I’ll pop this here and see if anyone has more insight on this. Thanks.

Held it earlier this year and got the dividend paid around 15th of each month.

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Yes, the payment date is usually mid-month but the money normally appears in my account towards the end of the month.

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Can anyone explain why the latest Dividend payment from Freetrade for Pembina shows as $0.1659 rather than the $0.21 declared on the company’s website: Stock & Dividend ? This is the gross amount per share on Freetrade. Am I missing something?

The payment on their site is in Canadian dollars, the Freetrade price is in American dollars.

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Many thanks!

Its been 5 working days and still not got my dividends yet. Any idea why? Ive seen other brokers already paid out the day after pay date.

I messaged support today - they confirmed they had received the dividend payments but there was an issue with the custodian which they were hoping to have resolved ‘soon’


I see. Thanks for letting us know.

I can’t imagine they would, the majority of others have come through fine and I don’t think they stand to gain much for the risk of doing so.

However that’s twice in the space of a couple months there now appears to have been an issue with assigning from the custodian, so hoping it’s not a sign of things to come.

How long do we usually have to wait after the ex date to get paid

The payment date set by the company is usually the 15th of the following month after the ex-dividend date (based on the information from their website) - if the 15th falls over a weekend, then the preceeding business day).

You can usually expect Dividends to be into your account within 5 working days after the payment date.

Anyone else missing latest dividends for PBA? Since going to quarterly payments last dividend was due to be paid out 31st March according to dividendmax. Have raised a ticket but wondered if it’s just a me problem!