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Hi I was wondering is there anyway of getting a physical certificate for my shares?

Quick answer is no. Freetrade hold your shares as ‘nominee’ eg it is their name that is on the official shareholder register. As a legally registered stockbroker they in turn assign those shares to your name, within their system.

For the avoidance of any doubt, this is completely normal standard practice and is simply done to keep costs & admin to a minimum.


I have some physical certificates for a very small amount of Lloyds bank shares I bought 5+ years ago. I’m looking to hold these electronically. FreeTrade have confirmed this isn’t something they can do - looks like an expensive process with other providers (c. £75 with other providers which significantly erodes the amount invested) Anyone got any other ideas for a sensible way to do this? At the moment I’m thinking of holding till 2025 - CSDR may require the administrator to transfer these into electronic form?

I’m missing some info there I think

You have Lloyd’s shares in certificates form and you want to transfer them into electronic form?

That’s easy. Any broker will usually do that for free.

It’s called an STD (a stock deposit) in Crest. You enter this STD, include your certificate and run it down to the Crest Euroclear office on Cannon Street. Used to do it all the time for my clients.

I’m sure you could find HL or someone will do that for you … but, yes, for a cost.

Lloyd’s even provides an electronic Corporate Sponsored Nominee so you can dematerialise your paper certificate into electronic form. See here

… then you transfer out of that CSN to FreeTrade electronically

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