Share certificates

Hola everyone,

Will we get some sort of share certificate from the last funding round?

You get that from Crowdcube when all the paperwork is done, and they can be found in your Crowdcube login.

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Yes I know. This is the problem.

It took the money from my account back in November, marked it as Paid, and then wrote :-
“The round has closed to further investment and you can now review your investment until the cooling-off period expires. We’ll then be in touch 24-48 hours before we collect the payment for your investment.”

I have heard nothing since.

If it has taken your money then you are invested - I wouldn’t worry, you will get the certificate as soon as all the legal work is done, which sometimes takes 2 or 3 months. I invested too and haven’t got it yet, but it’s the same for all my CC investments in Nov / Dec


Ok. I shall write on this thread when I have got more info from Crowdcube.

I’ve seen 6 months pass before the certificate was issued on a previous crowdcube investment.

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… which fills me with hope ;-/

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I’ve just received my share certificate via email


Me too I’m so annoyed though my lucky number is 23 and I only bought 22 shares dammit dammit, my OCD will niggle all the time about that now lol



Same - happy days


I got mine too :slight_smile:

:large_blue_diamond: :cow: DIAMOND HOOVES :cow: :large_blue_diamond:


Got my certificate today as well.

Slightly off-topic but how do you get that fancy Investor icon, logo or tag or whatever it is actually called; the one that’s displayed with your profile picture here on this forum as well as in the Freetrade app?


I just saw an email from Crowdcube:-)

Little old me “is the Registered Holder of NNNNN fully paid shares in the above named Company, subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of said Company.
Issued on: 18th January 2022”

yeah my lucky number is 1,538,202 so I spent all my money on shares.


Curiously though is it of any value? I mean the valuable thing is that your name is in the companies list of shareholders (and that list says how many shares and of what type you own). If you want to sell your holding who do you go to? Say I agree to buy your shares … do we do that over a pint and a letter to Adam letting him know that I now own your gazillion shares? I had the understanding that Crowdcube is no longer in the picture unless you want them to be in the picture i.e. you don’t need to sell through them.

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The marketing team will go through and add them, you select them in your profile preferences

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Also, what information is listed on the company’s list of shareholders? Is it just name, or address, phone number, email. I for one won’t be too happy with everyone knowing where I live - HMRC is ok.

If it’s the confirmation statement publically available at Companies House you’re referring to, it’s just your name / number of shares held.

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Thanks. This is fine.