Share certificates

Hi, it is not the confirmation statement rather the shareholder register I am thinking off. Where is that kept and who can access it?

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Its odd, I have got my certificate and the template is very different to previous black and white certs I got from CC, even from ID finance the other day. This one has colour and a big Crowdcube sign on it. Looks like a dodgy school participation cert :rofl:


Strangely enough it was that sort of thought that went through my mind - what is the value of this thing? On what authority has this been produced? And so on and so forth. Where is the official ownership record and registration kept?

@sampoullain are you able to tell us who the official registrar for Freetrade is? Or do you know a person that knows :slight_smile:


After now getting the cert for the shares, I’m wondering, was there a way to see your shares in Freetrade along with your other investments or not?
Not sure if that’s a thing or was someone’s suggestion I saw somewhere…

Or how about getting that fancy, R and whatever number this round was, badge in your profile ?

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I didn’t see this. Which part of profile->settings?

Profile, preferences

They’ll appear once the :freetrade: team add them on.

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@NeilB I’d hide your email buddy


Lol Juno will be emailing him

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Good point thanks @Rollingskies :speak_no_evil:

Did they give a date?

It’s the job of the head of community but I don’t know where they are with appointing / hiring them. The job advert has gone. I gave it my best shot but I wasn’t successful so it’ll be someone else - hopefully soon as this place needs it.


You would have been a very good candidate. For what it is worth I find our engagements on here both informative and entertaining. You have a good blend.

I hope FreeTrade had an exceptional candidate with good interpersonal skills if they rejected you…


Their loss xx


Thanks @MJRInvests & @Pdw - I put together a vision and gave it my best shot so I’m happy with how it ended.

Every conversation I’d had with Nick, Sam, Geraint & Shiv left with enormous confidence and a little sadness that they’ll not be colleagues.


@NeilB just saw this. Commiserations. Some businesses don’t understand passion. They talk about it but they really don’t get it. When you have people who get the mission you hold on to them.

OTH, perhaps the mission is different to the stated one so perhaps you haven’t lost anything.


Thanks @bitflip

I had an old boss who used to say “You can teach almost anything but you can’t teach passion” I love this place. With every passing month stage community seems to loose just a little importance to the bigger Freetrade picture, I hope I’m wrong.


You will find the most vocal of us on here. The rest are busy trading :slight_smile:

The community is losing importance because of how FT neglects it. It’s like a triple-scoom ice cream cone left in the sun - just a shame on so many levels.

As for your work, don’t be discouraged. Community building and management is an increasingly in-demand skill, particularly if you are passionate about Web3.0 and enjoy Discord. There are lots of great jobs in this field. Good luck!