PORTFOLIO 6 weeks into investing journey (self-promotion)

Hello Everyone! hope you all doing great! In this video i talk about my beginner portfolio and how well its going! 6 weeks into this investing journey im up by around 150 pounds! Had a lucky month in the stock market as a lot of stocks been down during February, i used this opportunity to buy some stocks cheap and sell as soon as they recover. I took my profits and build up this portfolio.

Just starting out in this long journey and im very excited, slowly got used to market being irrational and jumping around. I don not expect quick gains or doubling my money every week. That is just impossible. My goal is to have around 20% annual returns!

In this portfolio i have :

BlackBerry : 24 Shares
Palantir : 10 Shares
Apple : 1.6 Shares
Altria : 3 Shares
AT&T : 3 Shares
MGC Pharmaceuticals : 1000 Shares
Coca - Cola : 1 Shares
Kraft Heinz : 1 Shares
Ocugen : 3 Shares

if anyone would like to comment on my portfolio and leave some feedback would really appreciate Love a good discussion


Not smart or qualified enough to give any feedback, but always good to see what other investors are doing! :+1:


im not qualified either haha just started but i do enjoy researching the companies a lot of fun!

Well done mate


Thank you :smiley: