My Freetrade Stock Journey

Hi all,

I am new to Freetrade and enjoying the App a lot, but I am not new to investing. I have a large portfolio of investment trusts, funds and index trackers in an ISA etc.

I opened my freetrade account with the appeal of being able to build up single stocks in the UK and US markets with no dealing charges. I am using the basic account the last few weeks and have built up some stocks to which I will add more too.

I will be close to breaking £1000 soon, so will be off to a start.

I would like to update my journey as such as I go along with this portfolio which will be a small part of my overall investments, I have enjoyed reading others here and on youtube with freetrade and I am aiming towards a buy and hold approach, re-invest dividends and build towards another passive income stream.

My new Freetrade portfolio so far as of Feb 14th 2020 – Value today - £801.13

Diageo – 4 shares
GSK – 6 shares
Bank of America – 6 shares
Pepsico – 1 share
Coca Cola – 2 shares
Verizon - 2 shares
AT&T - 2 shares
Starbucks – 1 share

I plan to top these holdings up with a pretty even spread and add in line new companies and sectors in time as I go along.

I hope this is of interest as well.

Thank you :slight_smile: