Portfolio Allocation Error

Just to bring some attention to the issue. I have flagged it but had no response from FT.

Myself and others have no working allocation information. Pretty much since a day or two after release

All seem to be android. Latest update of FT. Android 11.

Anyone had confirmation this is being looked into?


I’ve got the same issue (Android). Logged it and did the usual uninstall, reinstall, clear data/cache but issue hasn’t gone away.

Now apparently raised with the wider team and they will let me know.


Also have an android and having the same issue, unable to see my portfolio. Uninstalled/ installed and cleared cache date, and still experiencing issues.

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@Charlotte is this something you are aware of? :blush:

Hey @Pdw I’ll have a look into this for you…

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Hey all, thanks for flagging this. Our engineers have created a fix and it should be rolled out to all users by next Monday.


Has this been sorted for the people who had the issue? (just checking it’s not just me!)

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Mine seems to be working again now too :blush:

Whatever fix has been implemented seems to have broken mine…