Issue with seeing portfolio

Is anybody else facing an issue not seeing their shares on the app. At present it tells me I’m down my whole invested amounts

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I am also having this problem. Just happened suddenly… have reported it on chat through the app but no reply yet…


In app chat say engineers are looking into the issue.

Got this, it’s being looked at

Just received another in app message, tried to open and the chat disappeared and now stuck on portfolio screen unable to do anything.
I’m sure it will be sorted ASAP as always.

All back up and running now. Portfolio restored :+1:t3::ok_hand:t3::kissing_heart:

Gave me a heart attack ha

Same here! They’re still looking into mine (I hope).

Hi all :wave:

So sorry about this happening today, our Engineering Team were looking into this urgently to get it resolved.

The team has now resolved this, and you should now see your Portfolio return to normal.

If however, you’re not seeing this is the case, please do log out and back into your account (Portfolio > Profile (top right hand button) > Log out). Once logged back in, this will help your Portfolio re-sync and get it back to normal.

Please do reach out to us in-app if you need us to look into it further for you!

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Thanks for the team sorting so quick. Can you give any insight to the cause? Were all accounts affected or just some?