Portfolio graph hidden behind graphic

I have an issue that on the Portfolio tab the graph is hidden behind elements of what I assume was supposed to be a background graphic. This makes it difficult to see the graph as well as the time period labels at the bottom.

It looks like this:

I’m on Android with the latest version of the app.

Any help on how to sort this or is this a known issue?

Uninstall and reinstall

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Have you used the in-app chat to see what they recommend?

In the meantime I agree with @timeinthemarket and say reinstall.

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Thanks @timeinthemarket and @mradamwhittaker. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn’t change anything. I’ll try the in-app chat …

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Very strange, let us know what they say

In-app chat sorted it. The response was it was

… just a little toggle on our end I needed to switch - your account essentially wasn’t showing as having invested so your app didn’t show the graph

I guess the offending graphic is a placeholder image that is displayed until you start investing. My situation was a little weirder than they said as I had both the graphic and the graph. But anyway all sorted now :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: