See All not always appearing in portfolio

Hey all
Has anyone else had an issue where their full portfolio is not showing when open in the app? The ‘See All’ option doesn’t always load and I am unable to scroll down (Very intermittent).
I have reinstalled the App, my firmware is up to date and am on a flagship phone on Android, so wouldn’t expect a little fault like this. Just trying to figure out if it is just me, or a wider issue. :crazy_face:

Yeah I’ve noticed it on android too - seems to be a bug. For me if I scroll right back up to the top and then back down it again it magically reappears. Does that happen for you?

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Glad its happening to someone else too then. Just tried that and it didn’t the first time, but then did. Its amazing how annoying such a little bug can be!

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I’ve been seeing this too, it usually solves itself by scrolling up & down as said above.
Pixel 4 XL / Android 11 RQ2A.210305.006

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Yes. I find a single-tap (or touch) of the chart/graph solves the issue.

I can confirm the same behaviour (Android user) - I had a mini-panic this morning when the “See all” disappeared and I thought half my portfolio had gone missing!