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Started Investing in 2020, feel like my investments so far have been alright, was planning to keep investing a stock in Microsoft each month. Only loss so far is BCN is it worth keeping it do you think?

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People should not give investing advice on here. You definitely need to do your own research.

Technically no one should give investing advice, not even financial advisors. They get it wrong too.


You learn more from your.losses. learn to enjoy the red days. They are buying opportunities.
My advice is diversify and almost never sell.
Iā€™m concerned you think any opinion in 30 days is worth the time. You may well be 10% down by the end of the year. Investing is a long term game


Keep learning and diversify for now then review after a year. 1 month is nothing and being up 5% in a month has more to do with luck than anything else.