Portfolio stock price notifications

Is there a way for phone notifications/alert when your shares are doing good or will there be?


Sounds like something more useful for trading than long term investing

They are planning limit orders at some point, I suppose those might notify too, though their main purpose is to sell or buy when you reach a given price.

It’s more for when i am looking to sell shares and i miss that peak time and then it drops. Would be great if the app can track/notify.

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https://www.londonstockexchange.com/home/homepage.htm - They offer alerts.

Thanks, will look into it.

This would be great. Share hits certain value then notify me. Even for long term investments this would be useful, more from a buy than sell perspective though. Watching a number of stocks and wanting to buy in at a set price point, would save having to check each day/week.

I’ve just made this topic an #ideas so that it can be voted for. It did get a mention here: Notifications - Push ( Mobile App ) + E-Mail but it’ll be helpful to have a dedicated topic so that we can see how popular this particular type of notification is.

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