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Any thought on this?

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Is this new or going to back to the date june2020

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Hello what are your thoughts on this one any good

Currently 50% up for me but it’s taken me a year to get there, and after seeing it up 200% just a couple of months ago.

Loads of people hate it because of the placing that it’s gone through over the years, but hopefully that’s all out the way now.

As long as nothing catastrophic happens i can’t see it failing to achieve something.

Whether that means it going all the way an actually becoming a functioning miner or getting bought out at some point i do not know.

The pilot mine should be doing something soon, but i have a feeling we are a couple of years away from seeing the true potential.

I’m not going anywhere any time soon and if it ever dips below 0.2 again then I’ll be considering topping up.

0.33 is not a bad place at all, if you are thinking of jumping on. Any positive news should give it a boost, but they do have a bit of a problem giving regular meaningful updates to keep investors interested.

You may also wish to have a look at Kodal Minerals (KOD) which is where my money is going at the moment but only because that one i’m still at a loss on so feel better about topping it up.

As always this is not investment advice and always do your own research as i am just a lowly worm who knows nothing about nothing.:worm::grinning:


It certainly does seem to at least for the moment be a resilient stock.

As you mention reports coming out of the company seem to be that their operational game is on point.

I also read an article mentioning that Suzhou TA&A bought 3 billion shares at 0.4p per new ordinary share. So it looks like confidence in their strategic outlook is there.

Unless I see any press to the contrary about performance and strategy Id also consider topping up if there any dips below 0.32 mark

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Shares aren’t currently 0.4 are they :thinking:

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Excellent point there! Bit of a liberal use of the decimal point on part. And potentially by the author of the following article: Premier African Minerals Gets GBP12 Mln Conditional Share Subscription - MarketWatch

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What a start to day 40 end of the year hopefully 1p


It is a joy to watch that the graph get greener. Am I right in thinking they are close to getting something our of the ground? Have they already?

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They are waiting for an rsn , still waiting for esay results etc but they have six drills in place now and as the chinese have a 13% stake and 12mil invested things should start to speed up


Thank you I appreciate the info but Im rather uninitiated in the lingo, would you mind unpacking the term β€˜rsn’?

Good question @ChrisGM

RNS = Regulatory News Service.

Companies have to announce things to the market that affect their business or are required by regulations. Everyday 100’s are posted everyday here here

You can view the company page here which has a man archive of the previous RNS updates too.

You can sign up to have relevant RNS’s emailed to you by clicking on β€˜track’ and signing in / up

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Thank you, very helpful

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This is the telegram group for #prem

Good news


Good old Aim. You can always count on the sell on the news crowd.

I don’t have the time or the patience to sell and then buy back in when it dips, and then start crying when it didn’t work out.

Call me lazy but i prefer to take my profits when they are all bagged up for me.

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Has it dropped by down again? :thinking:

It still finished about 4.5% up on the day but started the day at more like 15% then just trundled down from there.

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