Prophetic dream

I have had a prophetic dream today.

The date in it was 05.06.2018 and I was prompted to signing in in the Freetrade app.

Then I had access to the UK securities and funds depositing, got some VUSAs as well, and they even went up 2%!

Please let me know if the dream was planted into my mind by the @freetrade_team for a good reason or that was a bad and misleading dream that will not be a reality next Tuesday.



@Vlad, glad to know we’re not the only ones having dreams about the app!

We’ll put a bit of an update in the rollout thread later today, but it’s been a busy week of testing and we’re making good progress. However sadly I don’t think you’ll have it in your hands for the 5th!


Sad, of course, but at least there is substantial progress made and I guess it is paramount.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Ooops, that was a typo, I genuinely meant 6th of June which is why I was excited!

Getting deja vu here from the whole Monzo/Apple Pay drama…

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Here’s my poor attempt at predicting the future using the Crowd…

  • 15th May to 14th June 2018
  • 15th June to 14th July 2018
  • 15th July to 14th August 2018
  • 15th August to 14th September 2018

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I think towards the end of June and beginning of July hence the weird ranges :smile:

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I don’t know how all you R1 and R2 Investors have been waiting so patiently for over a year… it’s been ~3months for me and the suspense is ratcheting up :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Let’s see what @Viktor will vote for and go from there :smile:


Intercom’s new messenger with the Dream Preview feature is getting really advanced. I’ll tell the team it worked. :wink:

The engineering team tell us the app would be hooked up with the brokerage platform in the broad time dimension you dreamt about (!), give or take some time. Now, we’ll be adding team member accounts first, because we still need the penetration testing performed to roll out externally! So the version 1 of the app might be ready, but it’s not dropping for most people quite yet. But coming soon!

I know @Rob is working on a blog post about what we did this week, maybe it can be a series until we get a lot of the waitlist onboarded.


Fintechs have no concept of the meaning of soon it seems. :eyes: A general observation of mine from Monzo, Revolut and Freetrade is that there’s a disconnect between what we as customers interpret as soon and what employees do. Personally, I’d rather the term not be used as the underestimation bias is significant.

I imagine it’s pretty hard to tell now long these type of projects take. I’d always assume it’ll take a bit longer than they say, but who knows I might be in for a nice surprise one day!! :tada:


Under-promise, over-deliver would seem to be appropriate in this scenario then.

I do appreciate the magnitude of the impact fintechs make and admire their talent, but communicating timelines isn’t a strong point. Just a general observation (trying to be as non-critical as possible).

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That’s great, though nobody is asking for an exact timeline; just an estimate with a tolerable margin of error, or maybe just guidance without indicating the nearness of a release that one can’t be reasonably sure of.

Personally, I am not a fan of waitlists… especially those that last indefinitely. It’s not aligned with good management of expectations… when soon isn’t forthcoming it means we inevitably have to discount future announcements the company makes because some credibility is lost.

It’s good you recognised you’re an investor too because this comes with conflicts of interest. I’m sure once I’m officially an investor, my incentives will change (this would be a great topic for us all to deep dive into it’s own thread).

P.S. again I’m remaining general here. Freetrade is a game changer :blue_heart: I just like to have interesting open discussions with you all.

It’s definitely a waitlist because it explicitly says it is one and was marketed as such.

Interesting perspective. I’m not going to respond to the conflicts part because we’ll definitely end up going off topic :smile:

Indeed guys, get your own room! :laughing: