Questions regarding old Isas

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I’ve been trying to find an answer to this everywhere with no luck and i’m wondering if anyone here knows the answer?

Once i create a new isa in April, can i still use dividends that come into my old isa to invest into buying more shares in my old isa? Also am i able to sell and buy shares in my old isa while contributing to a new one?

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Iirc the rules around ISAs are regarding contributions not dividends.

If in doubt give HMRC a bell. They’re really helpful!

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Dividends earned (and reinvested) in old ISAs do not count towards the £20k allowance.

You are able to sell and buy in your old ISA whilst contributing new funds only to the new one.


I absolutely love ISA’s. Tax free income for life.
1 investment can pay you forever, absolutely fantastic. Regular contributions and your flying.
I have a very small pension but rightly or wrongly all my focus now and going forward is on my ISA’s.

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Yes, everything is protected provided it remains within the ISA package.

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But you get tax relief on pension contributions. If you are a higher rate tax payer that’s 40%. If you a young I understand you dont want to lock it down though

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