Random spike in portfolio and unsettled cash?!?

Hi :wave:
Something very odd happened yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to check whether others have experienced the same… There’s a random spike showing in my portfolio of approx. £100 and this occured sometime between 3 - 4 pm. I have no idea what caused the spike but it’s still showing up this morning.

On top of that, my “unsettled cash” has increased from £12 to £50 this morning which seems very odd too :thinking:

The only thing I did differently yesterday is to sell off some shares in the afternoon around 3pm… But could that be related?? That doesn’t explain the unsettled cash or the spike though.

I’ve already left a query in the chat feature on the app but haven’t had much back from anyone about it yet.

In app chat will certainly get back to you and resolve any issues. They’ve always resolved my queries within the day, usually much faster :+1:t3:

Yup, they’ve already solved the issue with re: the spike. Turns out my chart needed to be refreshed.

Still waiting to hear about the issue with the unsettled cash.

I just posted to see if others experienced the same…

But that doesn’t actually explain the issue?

Just the solution.

Yes I’ve posted issues too.
I waded in with a bit of quick reassurance just in case :blush:

I was told the issue was due to the graph not updating itself properly :man_shrugging: the person also pointed out that it was during a “active period” on my account, which in other words means when I was purchasing some shares.

Interestingly, the problem has reoccurred today at around 2pm so I’ve had to request that the portfolio graph is refreshed yet again… I’m starting to wonder whether this will become an ongoing problem.

No explanation as to why the unsettled cash amount increased over night so still no idea about that one.

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