Register to test US stock orders ✋

(Alex Sherwood) #1


Thank you to everyone who registered! We’ve closed this form now as we have enough testers. We’ll roll out US stocks to everyone else within days..

There’s 250 spaces available for people who’d like early access to US stocks, register here :point_down:

Check out the feedback from users who’ve taken part in the testing so far here Freetrade launches US stocks 🇺🇸.


Done :eyes: looking forward to it :pray:

(Jonny) #3

Done! :raised_hands::us:

(Richard varga) #5

Done!!! I’ve been super jealous reading all the amazing reviews people have been leaving haha!


How will we be notified if picked to test?

(Alex Sherwood) #7

We’ll send you a notification tomorrow morning if you’ve got the latest version of the app & push notifications switched on.


Great stuff :+1: what to buy…

(Ryan) #9

Also registered! :pray:


US stocks appear in my app :eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #11

We’ve just activated US stock orders for everyone who registered to take part in the testing before 10.25 this morning.

We may add more testers later today if we do then:

Please send us a message via the in-app live chat if you have any questions.


Wahoo :tada:

sits back in chair

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Strange, it isn’t activated for me yet.

(Emma) #15

Use the in-app chat then


Oh it’s enabled for me. It’s just that I didn’t get a push notification.

(Mike Smart) #17

argh! I thought I’d missed the boat re. early testing so had resigned myself to ‘general public release’, and now I’ve missed this second ‘10:25’ tranche of testers.

I’m now registered in the hope that more testers will be added later, that way I can get cracking with US stock pickings in the morning.

(Alex Sherwood) #18

Everyone who’s registered now has had US stocks activated, including @mikesmart. I’ve closed the form now, as we have enough testers, we’ll be rolling out US stocks to everyone else very soon.

(Mike Smart) #19

Superb! Friday just got a little bit better.