Replicate dental implant on Crowdcube

Looks interesting.


I’m interested but might buy my first house in a few months, not decided yet.

A new positive update from them today

REPLICATE received EUR 1.5 million development grant approval from the EU in Brussels

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Now on the way to liquidation :grimacing:

Do you know what happened here? Can you share any details?

I couldn’t get to the link on Crowdcube again.

They did not get FDA approval and they are going for liquidation.

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Dodged the bullet there.

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I didn’t invest in this…

Reading through now you can see people are understandably unhappy.

Related to this pitch, I always found letting a company fund less than 100% to be poor behaviour on the platforms part, they don’t even inform the investors about this, although it’s buried in their terms and conditions. It feels like there is a conflict of interest here, the fees on 97% of this specific raise would be significant, so to avoid doubt there’s a reasonable expectation to return to the investors on how to proceed, or just flat out cancel these raises.

Payment collected on 24th September… administration 19th November!!


I’m surprised something as seemingly simple as a tooth replacement would get rejected by the FDA. It looks like they wanted to fast track approval by claiming it was the equivalent of existing products, but this argument was rejected.

The idea looks good though. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it reborn. The US isn’t the only market.

Jon Oliver did a Last Week Tonight on this topic earlier this year. Things are supposed to be “substantially equivalent” to pass this way, but loopholes were found and terrible mistakes were made. Unsure if FDA is cracking down or Replicate failed the navigate the loopholes properly, but either way that should be a good thing for public health (if not the health of the company).

Found a link to a story about the Jon Oliver story:

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