[Request] Artificial intelligence technology solutions (AITX)

Hi,I’m new to investing in stocks and was looking on freetrade to invest in AITX but it doesnt appear to have this stock available.
Is there any chance that this stock will be added in the future?

Do with this what you want, but as a new investor, I would not look at pennystocks like this. This is the riskiest you can go with stocks. It looks like their revenue is roughly an employee salary, so just don’t.

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Hi,I’m aware that investing in penny stocks is very high risk but dont intend to invest all of my funds in them.
I was just wondering if this stock will be available on freetrade in the future?

With respect, I don’t think this is the place for unsolicited advice on what to buy. It’s a simple request for a company to be made available. It’s none of our business where someone chooses to invest their money.

Fair point. I see it differently though. When someone says they are a beginner potentially about to make a massive mistake, I’d call it help, albeit unsolicited. But we don’t need to go into this any further, your comment did not really add anything except for a personal attack. And neither did mine now.

Both points are valid and correct.

  • We don’t offer financial advice here, and people make their own decisions on how to spend their money.
  • However, it’s still worth offering some friendly discussion and opinions for the community.

Penny stocks are fine as long as you genuinely understand the risk and are willing to lose the whole investment. As a beginner I thought I understood the risk but I still wasn’t prepared when SXX tanked 80%.

I say dip your toe in with tiny amounts to get the experience, ideally after doing extensive research, but don’t put in so much money that you would be upset if you lose it all.


Except this is for stock requests. It’s not for discussion of the stocks or investing advice. Keeping things on topic is good. If you want to talk about penny stocks etc, there is a place on the forum for them. This is exclusively for requesting stocks. Why someone wants them on the platform is utterly irrelevant here.

If AITX is added to the stock universe then this thread will graduate from Stock Requests to Stock Discussions. You don’t think we should discuss the stocks?

Any news on whether this is getting added?

AITX Can we pls get this on Freetrade before it shoots up. Don’t really want to sign up to another account just to buy this.

Searching would have helped you find the below. This stock has been requested multiple times. Only once is necessary.

In this case, you’re requesting an OTC Markets instrument. Freetrade don’t currently support OTC Markets listings.


Good work as always @beermoneytrader