[Request] Dart Group - DTG

Any news on Dart Group being added to the platform?

Along with IAG, EasyJet, Wizz Air, Ryanair, TUI, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Qinetiq etc., Dart Group requires a nationality declaration. So probably not soon.

Dart Group plc I believe would be a great up coming investment due to jet2’s recent issues. I would like to see this added.

Just received my refund from cancelled Jet2 flight booked for 1 May 20. Absolutely no problems at all and all done without having to call the company. Going forward I am sure they will be the airline of choice because of their customer service and will make a good long term investment after the virus problem comes to an end.


+1 for this to be added

Bump for this one too

DTG is now trading as JET2 having sold its Fowler Welch distribution business. Still needs the nationality declaration issue to be resolved on FT

Pigs may fly first :pig:

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Now back at over Β£12 having been sub Β£3 in March (on its previous symbol DTG).

@Viktor any update on when nationality declaration stocks will be added?

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Any of these including Jet2 and all above ever going to be added?

Unable to find any other low cost platforms to invest in any of these, and I’m not using etoro

Nationality Declaration - needed for these - will happen when it happens. It’s not a fun answer, sure, but it is what it is until a :freetrade: member of staff updates us on the situation.

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