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EasyJet Airline Company Limited, styled as easyJet , is a British low-cost carrier airline headquartered at London Luton Airport.


Good value at the moment maybe?

EasyJet please!
They’re down low and rising.

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Would like to see easyjet available to buy


Surly see a recovery by summer once the virus fear passes.

Yes please! I’d definitely love to see EasyJet on FreeTrade


When will we be airline stocks like EasyJet be added to Freetrade? I understand that Freetrade will have to add the nationality declaration but however now seems to be the time to be investing in airlines due to coronavirus making their valuations look attractive


Hey Lewis

We’ll be adding stocks like easyJet (and other highly-requested ones like BAE and IAG) hopefully in the next few weeks following the launch of fractionals.

We have already started the process of getting new stocks ready. The first batch will be US stocks, followed by some of the nationality declaration ones.



Based on the recent drop, I would like to buy some EasyJet shares in my ISA but it isn’t on the platform. Could this be added please?

Hello Lewis :wave:

See: About the #nationality-declaration tag

For a bit more information on why Easyjet isn’t on the app yet.

British low-cost airline

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If a significant shareholder doesn’t want to back the company , don’t see why anyone else would want to take on the risk. No one is going on holiday for the next 6 months and then along with virus effects and new pre approval to go to europe its a hard year ahead for airlines.This should go to administration and be sold to the highest bidder and that might sort out the crazy airbus order and find out what the true market value is. To have a government loan of 600m when they paid out 170m in divis last month is insane


Can we add Easy Jet to the listing?


Yes, we will implement a few changes to be able to add nationality declaration stocks. More info.

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Thank you Victor.

I will review the nationality declaration form.

If this is required then happy vote β€œin” and complete one of them to invest and buy shares in these sort of companies.

It will be seamless on your side of the app, you won’t have to fill out forms. It’s something we have to implement, and we’ll be on it after we deliver on our immediate priorities (fractionals, new US stocks).

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Suprised this is not in the stock universe. Is it ok to add it?


Can we get easyJet on freetrade?


Any ideas of when we can expect easyJet to appear on freetrade?

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